Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I am determined not to start with ANY negatives today, so I'm just going to get straight on with:

Ojos World

1. A new (to me) Treadmill! My mum has decided she doesn't have the room, or the energy, for her treadmill. So she has decided to donate it to a worthy cause.......
Excuse the mess, it is taking up a corner
of my sewing room!
2. Getting back to sewing. My hubby, after reading THIS post, has been nagging me to get back to sewing. I finally gave in this week and it went wrong. But, guess what, it didn't stop me! I went back to sewing class this week too, fixed my mistake, and am now feeling a little less nervous.

3. Getting a mini makeover. The day this post goes live, I'm off to the salon, where my niece works. I'm having my brows shaped and tinted, and some weekend lashes put on. I am supposed to be going out this weekend, but I am absolutely bricking it. So whether I make it, is yet to be seen.

So that's my reasons, what's yours? More of you are sharing, across different social sites, and it's lovely.

Much Love


  1. Great reasons & hope you have a great time this weekend x

  2. Hope you venture out and enjoy your weekend Jo. Liked your photos on FB. So pleased you picked up your sewing again :) xx

  3. Yay for the treadmill and your lashes and brows look lovely! Enjoy your night out and, if you have a boogie, remember your fitbit!!
    Back for a read of the other posts tomorrow/Sat xx

  4. So, you're going to be fit, wearing gorgeous self-made clothes with a fabulous make-over!! Sounds good! Enjoy....go for it :-)

  5. I hope you are felling good after the make over and go out and have a wonderful weekend. I adore false eyelashes and its a long time since I've had any. Well done with the sewng to, I miss my classes. Mich x

  6. Hope you enjoyed the mini makeover and best of luck with the treadmill! I have often thought about getting one....

  7. Wonderful reasons, Jo. Focusing on the positives really banishes the negatives. x

  8. Such a luxury to visit your blog. Treadmill - you work it girl! You have inspired me to finally get my hag like hair sorted this week. Watch this space! I saw you felt the fear and did it anyway - good woman!


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