Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just One Day

I would like:

Just one day, melt down free
A day that can be, all about me.

A day where no one cries, or shouts.
No one stresses and no one pouts.

I want a day that is easy, so I don't want to run.
Away from it all, just have some fun.

I hid this morning, in my bed.
My morning was so full of dread.

This morning he woke up, ready to blow.

Still angry from the night before,
still wanting to fight, ready for more.

Then the other child comes home, with a tear in his eye.
A simple thing too much to bare, for this little guy.

This is normal to me,
an autism mum.
But a day would be nice, stress free.......
Just One.

Much Love


  1. Totally get this and understand. You are doing a fantastic job x

  2. Sounds like you need just one day in seven to gather strength for the other six x

  3. It is hard enough with a child who does not have special needs. You are an amazing mum and this is brilliantly written. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x


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