Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This Week is Mostly Medical!

To say this week has been a bit mad, and hard, and chaotic, and infuriating..............

Would still be an understatement.

Monday: We had a 9:30am appointment, at the hospital, for Mr. Ojo. This is a nightmare time to go, as I have to get the boys to school, then get him down there through the worst traffic! 

My poor mother to the rescue, again! She was over my house by 8am. Good job, as one child had major anxiety issues that morning. I ended up dropping him to school, enroute to the hospital, whilst my mum (and teen) got little A ready for school. 

We made it to the hospital in time and, shockingly when you consider hospital parking, pulled straight into a parking spot.

A hour and a half later, the appointment was finally over with, we got to finally leave, for the chaos that is home.

Tuesday: My poor dog has had a lump on his leg for years. We think it's an abscess, as every now and then, it flares up and bleeds quite badly. Tuesday morning we woke up to see that it had swollen right up, along with the leg it was attached to. 

Cue an emergency appointment, that eve, where a vet managed to scare the crap out of me! He told us that the lump was a tumour! I was a mess for a few hours after, but then decided (after Mr. Ojo managed to calm me down) that I don't agree. He can't tell me what it is, after a quick glance! 

So, he has a week of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets, then fingers crossed he will be back to his usual nutty, lazy self.

Wednesday: This one really was chaotic. I took little A to school, only to realise he didn't have his P.E. kit. So a quick dash home, then back up the school (thankfully I live close).

Then, it was a quick clean up and a bit of crocheting, and off to dressmaking class for 2 hours. 
Home, then straight back out again, to pick up little A! 

Then it got worse.

As soon as I got in from the school run, my husband told me to look at my tweens thumb. When he came downstairs, I could see there was something obviously wrong. It was quite swollen, and heavily bruised. He said he had done it practising for the P.E. display, that we were meant to be going to see that evening. 

I knew it was going to require an A+E visit.

Luckily the local one wasn't too busy, we went throught he process fairly quickly. It was discovered that he has fractured a bone in his thumb. 

The thing is, other things came to light during our conversations with nurses.

He had done this early in the day. 
He had then been sent to the medical room, where the receptionist (who I really don't like) had given him an ice pack. 
He told me that he didn't like that (think sensory issues) so asked to put it back. 
He was told to put it back in the fridge..........then went back to watch the rest of the dress rehearsal for the display!

Is anyone else horrified that no one with medical training looked at him, or his thumb!?

I mean, I saw immediately that something wasn't right!

I am so bloody mad with his school, right now, that I'm glad they are closed. I shall be paying them a visit tomorrow, and it will be a very angry Mr and Mrs Ojo going over there.

So, this week, so far, is all about the medical. Both emergency and otherwise.

What will the rest of the week bring?


  1. What a week.....I would be mad with the school too. They should have had someone check him and should have contacted you when they noticed something was wrong! Eesh! I would be livid. I hope the rest of the week is calmer for you x

    1. We've been over today, and definitely said our piece! xx

  2. What a week Jo but you are still here and still living life. Is it worth getting a second opinion on the dog front? Is he insured for vet bills? School issue is all wrong - I would follow up whatever you do with a letter to the Governors and the LEA. My brother teaches and always says it is parents who kick up a fuss who end up with better treatment. You have held it together - you are a wonder


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