Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have lots of reasons to smile, this week, which is a bit odd, as my children have been quite grumpy! (The youngest 2, anyway). 

The blog hop is over with Becky this month, she is being far more organised, than me, about it all! If you want to go see her lovely blog (with some gorgeous photography), then click the 'reasons' picture below:

 Reasons to be Cheerful
1. Project house. You may see a running theme with this reason! It seems to be appearing every week. The hubby is, slowly, getting through the little jobs that complete my house. He's worked so many hours, for so many years, he's never had the time. I don't like paying over the odds for someone else to do the jobs, when he can do it. He is resting when he needs to and pottering around when he can. My stairs and landing are the current project.
Here it is, half way through:

2. Getting my Mojo back. This week I have been blogging again. I have to get used to having the mister around more, especially as it may be permanent! So I am setting aside time, and writing for the love of it, brilliant!

3. A, new, new laptop. You may remember, a few weeks ago, I had a reconditioned lappy. Unfortunately it had some, minor, faults. I just didn't fancy spending the time, back and forth the shop, getting it checked. So we had the money back, and started looking about. This is when we realised, I could get a brand new one for the same money. So I now have a brand spanking new acer laptop, all of my own.

4. BlogOn Cymru (I know, I snook in an extra reason). The blogging conference I attended last weekend. It has inspired me no end. The brand talks were so informative, the social networking talk was really interesting, and the photography session was utterly amazing! I would highly recommend you find BlogOn on Twitter, and follow. 
The whole day was relaxed, with a chance to talk (drink wine, eat cake). The goody bag at the end was mind blowing! It really was the kind of day that re-ignites my love of blogging.

Do come and join in our little blog hop, it's small but very much loved. Me and Becky will always read, and comment, on every post that joins in, we love your reasons to smile.


  1. I am glad you have got your mojo back. I am sure it is going to be very different having the husband around full time.... but wow, think what your house is going to look like with all his hard work. :)

  2. I saw your piccie on the Jo Blogs email and remembered we'd tweeted about that and then all sorts of "stuff" took over.
    Lovely work in progress pics and well done on the laptop and the mojo! X

  3. A new laptop is a fab reason to be cheerful - and I've always found Acer to be a great brand (I even have one of their phones). BlogOn Cymru sounds amazing - in Ireland we're still trying to organise a Dublin bloggers conference, fingers crossed it will happen one day and good luck with the house - in my coffee-less state, I thought you'd started running....

  4. I'm glad you have got your mojo back, it probably helps that you have a brand new laptop to do your blogging on, and that you visited blog on and got lots of inspiration!x

  5. I loved it when l was given my new laptop makes life much easier than a desktop or broken laptop! Hope the kids are less grumpy this weekend!thanks so much for your comments on my posts xx


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