Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm Thinking Slimmer

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post: I'm trying to be healthy!
It's a hard slog, when you struggle everyday, and you never lose weight, or feel well. The thing is, I know I can lose weight, I've done it before!

Things are starting to look up though. Since this post, I have been accepted onto a focus group, for Thinking Slimmer. Take a look at the site, they can explain more about it than I ever could! Basically it is changing my attitude to food, from the inside. Scrapping the diet, and
 reconditioning my brain to think healthier.

I don't know how best to describe it. I go to sleep every night, listening to my 'slimpod'. I've yet to hear it totally, couldn't tell you what has been said................but it's working already!

There is a new slimpod coming out, which is what I am on. I've noticed a change in my attitude to food. I'm not looking for the naughty, and if I do, I don't feel guilty about it. I read one comment, amongst the group I'm on that sums it up perfectly:

'even thin people eat chocolate'

Isn't it stupid. I eat it, I feel guilty.
Why should I?
Why can't I enjoy a little bit of everything, like 'normal' people?

Anyway. I want this to work, I'm not in the sceptical camp, I totally believe in things like this. Although sceptics are saying it works for them too.

Just 2 days in I've noticed I'm not picking so much. Not looking for junk, when times get stressful. This is a proven way of getting healthy, the only reason there is a focus group is to clear up any niggles in the new slimpod that is coming out.

This is just a little introduction today, I will write more. I hope you come with me on this journey, because I'm feeling really positive and would love to share it with you.

Much love

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  1. The positivity in the group is really helping me too - I really like the way takes the stress out of dieting; just go with the flow. xx


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