Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

There's a great reason to be cheerful, looking out of the window right now..........I think spring is starting to peak through!

I wrote, the other day, about how stressful my life has been lately. Your beautiful reasons to smile have really kept me going, it's so heart warming seeing how others find joy in the small things.

Here are this weeks reasons, for me to smile:

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1. Hair do! I loved having my hair done this week, I shared the picture the other day. The reaction to the haircut, however, has been incredible! It's been so lovely that so many people 'liked' or commented on it. I am humbled that so many took time out of their day, to say something nice, thank you.

2. Project house. Things are really coming together, my house is starting to look as I want it to. The bathroom is going to look wonderful! especially as it started full of damp, and filled with holes on the walls. I can't wait to share the finished photos with you!

3. A Joes Bloggers event. If you don't follow them on twitter, and you are a blogger, go do it, now! They hold awesome events, this one is with Hillary's Blinds and is a crafting event, my idea of heaven. I'm really looking forward to it, and seeing some lovely blogger friends.

I'm sorry I didn't get around to sharing the posts last week, I did read and comment, I hope that's ok. Please continue to share your lovely reasons to smile with me, in whatever medium you choose. It's lovely to find the good things in life, however small, especially when times are tough.


  1. Love the hair so much. Great house news -hate damp with a passion. Enjoy networking and I look forward to seeing you in June

  2. Your hair really stands out as a very special reason to be cheerful this week! x

  3. Ohh, I look forward to seeing the house all finished and enjoy the blogging event. Mich x

  4. You look fabulous. Enjoy the blogger event x

  5. LOVE the hair. Hope the weekend is kind to you. xx

  6. ️Gorgeous do! So glad the house is coming together


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