Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

So Valentine's has now past, and we look forward to the next celebration. If you celebrate it, that will be Easter!? I mean, really! The year is simply slipping by.

I've really enjoyed reading your posts this week, and have shared them all on Twitter. I may share in Facebook next week, unfortunately that means I can't tag you, so we'll see what I decide. 

Her are this week's reasons:
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1. Valentine's. Although I didn't do anything special, I find the prices a bit of a rip off, I did get something this year! I think years of sulking are finally sinking in when this year, unprompted, Mr.Ojo had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered:

2. Project house. Mr. Ojo being off work could have resulted in extreme boredom for him, he's not a 'sit around the house' sort of bloke. The first couple of weeks we soaked up each others company, as it's so rare to be alone. In the last week though, he has started to look at the jobs needing doing around the house. I'm not a nagging type so if it's not done, it's not done, or I'll start on it myself. However, making windowsills, papering walls etc, don't stress his knee, so this week he has cracked on.........happy days!

3. Getting Healthy. I've not blogged about it, as the lbs are not shifting, I am trying hard though. I'm mostly hitting 10,000 steps a day, and going over my 30mins high activity, according to my fitbit. I'm trying to watch my portion control and eat more fruit and veg, fingers crossed it will actually start working!

As I said, Iove reading all your reasons to smile, so please continue to share them with me!


  1. The flowers look beautiful & fair play to Mr Ojo for getting on with project house x

  2. You are coming back up from the depths again and its great to see and read! Yay to flowers, DIY and healthy eating

  3. Enjoyed the step challenge this week, the flowers are lovely. Keep with the healthy stuff, you'll get there xx

  4. Love the flowers and know you deserve them. Stick with your health efforts - they will pay off even if you aren't seeing result on the scales. Do you want me to hook you up with Thinking Slimmer if I can? My bloke is rubbish at DIY - apparently his Dad was great at it but I never met him as died before I turned up on the scene. Feeling a bit more on top of things today so will hopefully catch up with you here and there over the week

  5. Mr Ojo really sounds wonderful and hopefully you are not stressing about the lbs .. just being healthy is also good x

  6. Lovely flowers! You'll get there with all the steps you are doing - Hubby is trying so hard to shift his weight and is finding it hard too. Good luck - Jess x

  7. Great reasons to be cheerful and good luck with your weight loss - let me know if you fancy joining in my 3 month trial bloggers group with the NOOM healthy habits app (


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