Thursday, February 12, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Here we are, Thursday again, with Valentine's day this weekend. Me and the mister have never really celebrated much, he's never been overly romantic. Last year, however, he bought me a Welsh love spoon. It was something I've always wanted, but never owned. 

It still hangs on my bedroom wall:

This year Valentine will fall at the start of the schools half term, so romance may be off the cards there! 

Now, let's get on with:

1. Getting some good, financial, news. I was really poorly last week, I think the stress of seeing my husband in pain, and money worries, was a major contributing factor. I looked into any financial help we may be entitled to, and got some! It makes life a lot easier, until hubby is operated on and back to work.

2. Cinema time. My eldest brother bought us a gift voucher, for our local cinema, as a Christmas gift. We love the cinema, but there has been so much going on lately, we just haven't found the time. This Wednesday, we got to use it. We went to see Big Hero 6, what a fantastic film! We all laughed so much, really loudly in places! There were sad bits (they always gets to little A) but we got him through it and had a lovely evening out, as a family.

3. Booking my hotel for BritMums live, in June. I genuinely thought I'd be unable to go, it just didn't seem viable. But, today, I booked it. I'm not sure how I'll feel about it, when it comes around, as I've not blogged much. I'm hoping, now that I'm a little less worried about everything, that the need will return.

So that's my 3 this week. I do hope you all have reasons to smile, do share in any way you feel comfortable.


  1. I've no idea what a Welsh love spoon is, but it looks pretty cool!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh, I have seen those spoons, they are lovely. Enjoy your Valentine's Day... my hubby isn't the least bit romantic so it will just be another day for us! :)

  3. Lovely reasons to be cheerful, and they all seemed linked too - love, family and better finances, and delighted you're getting to go to Britmums, that should be a really good break xx

  4. I've never heard of a Welsh Love Spoon! It looks lovely, so intricate.
    Valentine's Day is never celebrated in this house, I'm lucky it's also my birthday.... the only way I'll get taken out for a meal!! xx

  5. Glad you've looked into and are getting some help. The love spoon looks fab. Will drop you a text as to where you're staying for BritMums x

  6. I have a few Welsh love spoons from my time at Swansea uni! A lovely gift.
    So glad you are able to get some help whilst things are tough.
    The movie sounds a real family treat. Thanks for hosting

  7. Is it ok to giggle at Welsh love spoon? Sorry haha but it looks a lovely gift wonder how he fairs this year!? Yes half term here too so not so sure anything Valentibes related will happen! I've got a card which is more than hubby has lol xx

  8. I love your reasons and good to know you and OH are into spooning. Seriously though I love those spoons too very much. I always love getting out to the movies another thing that does not happen often enough these days. No reference there to spoons honestly. Hope you and I manage a hot date of some sort at BritMums Live

  9. Be lovely to see you again at BritMums, not that I am at all organised yet this year - no ticket and no hotel room! Enjoy half term. Mich x


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