Thursday, February 05, 2015

Reasons to Be Cheerful

I'm struggling to write at the moment.
Struggling to allow myself the freedom to write what I truly want to!

However, I could never let this little blog hop go amiss, so here I go with my:

Ojos World

1. Learning that little A will stay at his current school, as he goes into year 3. They will be setting up a class in their special unit, just 15 children that need some additional help. This means he can continue to have the extra help he needs, as well as having a separate play yard from the mainstream.

2. My teen. He really hated the Comprehensive school he was in (I'm not a big fan either), he never really made friends as there were so many trouble makers. Since going to college he has started to come out of his shell. He actually text me today to let me know he'd be home late, as he was hanging around after, to play pool! This makes me very happy.

3. The tween. We had a meeting with his head of year, this week. We managed to air some worries of ours, but also to discover that, as much as he gets highly stressed about school, he is doing incredibly well. He's hitting the high targets, even in subjects that he didn't expect!

So that's my, incredibly proud mama, reasons. Now it's your turn. Do share and let me know what is making you smile. I will read, and share, all the linkers in the blog hop, and comment if you use other platforms.

Keep Smiling


  1. Fabulous reasons to be cheerful!
    Thanks for hosting x

  2. Oh this is lovely Jo. I'm so glad that you're teen AND your tween seem to be doing so well at school. They're a worry aren't they?! Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud.

  3. I love that you count your blessings even when you are struggling! Thank you for the blog hop!

  4. Your boys are doing you proud x

  5. Its so fabulous to have great news about all of them. No wonder you are proud.

  6. All three reasons are absolutely wonderful and give hope to me and I'm sure many others too xx

  7. Well done to all your children Jo they are amazing kids :) hope you're okxx

  8. Stunning reasons to be cheerful. Hope you are okay. xx

  9. Well done to all three of your boys - great reasons to be cheerful x

  10. Such wonderful reasons to be cheerful. Your children growing & flying is all down to the wonderful job you do parenting those growing Sons of yours. Be proud of you as well as them. Hope you are feeling more upbeat than last week.


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