Thursday, January 08, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

This weeks Reasons, is all about love.
This date, 25 years ago, the first ring was put on my finger by Mr.Ojo, my engagement ring. I was 16, he was 25, there was not a lot of people happy for us!

I'd had a bad day, that had started with me falling off a bus on the way to my YTS course (for those younger readers, this was like an apprenticeship, where you had a small wage for training and working). While he had been at work, Mr.Ojo had put a bet on the geegees, he was always in the bookies back then. This had happened to be his lucky day, he actually won something, just enough to pay for the ring I'd seen.

When he met me off the bus, that eve, I was a bit grumpy, and still in a little pain!

So, in his words:

'You just as well have this then, it might cheer you up'
(He's never been a romantic!)

We didn't have enough money left to celebrate, so our engagement 'party' was a bag of chips, and a pint. 

That was the start of a beautiful relationship. It has spanned 3 decades, full of ups and downs, love and laughter. We often get told we have a lovely marriage, and asked, what's the secret?

There isn't one.

We love each other. 
Never tried to change each other. 
Trust each other. 
Oh, and still fancy the pants off each other.

See, no secret.

So that's my reason to smile today. The unromantic, funny, totally adorable fool, that has been by my side for many years, and (hopefully) always will be.

What's making you smile this week? The blog hop is with Becky this month, click on the image below to be magically transported to her corner of the internet.

Reasons to be Cheerful
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  1. So wonderful to read! I hope to have people ask me my secrets one day, always the sign of people been married a long time!x

  2. I adore reading about happy marriages, it's a reminder of how the world really can be a wonderful magical place x

  3. This is the loveliest post I've read in a long time. Congratulations x

  4. Aww, that is so lovely. You have been through a lot together and have managed to stay the course. That is huge in this day and age. Congratulations.

    1. It's why I write about it, it can happen x


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