Monday, January 19, 2015

Meal Planning Monday

I'm so pleased with how our frugal living is going. Thanks to meal planning, my shopping, including bits picked up during the week, is coming in under £60 a week!

That's feeding a family of 5, including a teenager and a tween that is never full. Add to that, little A eats his own food, as his diet is incredibly limited, thanks to his autism.

I have paid all my bills, my mortgage, and there is food on the table. I think things will be a lot different when the mister goes back to work, as we've realised just how much money we've been wasting.

Anyway, onto this weeks meal plan:

Monday: Fry Up, or as Mama Owl calls it, Brinner. Basically, everything you have in a cooked breakfast, but for dinner. Traditionally we call it a fry up, but it's all grilled here, can't stand all that grease!
Tuesday: Corned Beef Pie. My boys love a pie, so I make it myself to cut down on the fat intake. Probably served with Veg or beans.
Wednesday: Parmesan Chicken. Last time I had this, a few people commented on trying it themselves. It's a big hit here, with home made wedges.
Thursday: Spaghetti Bolognese. This is at my request, I love to fill it with extra lean mince and tons of veg, yummy.
Friday: Pork chops, veg and Gravy. A firm family favourite.
Saturday: Either Takeaway or Home made Pizza. As we are abandoning leaving the children for a couple of days, I thought it would be a treat, before we go. 
Sunday: dinner out for the boys, with their Nan, Travel Snacks for me and Mr.Ojo, on route to London.

I won't be doing a meal plan next week, as I'm away. I've given my blog over to others, for guest posts. So far I have 2 beautiful posts, one anonymous. Please show them your support, when they go live.

Hope you're all having a lovely week. As always, pop along to Mrs.M for more ideas.


  1. I must get back into meal planning to keep my food budget under control. All sounds lovely and glad you have a break to look forward too xxx

  2. Oooh it all sounds lovely. I love the word brinner! Have a lovely week x #mealplanningmonday

  3. I love the fact that meal planning helps manage budgets - it's one of the key reasons we do it too. Breakfast for tea is a favourite here too. Have a good week

  4. Under £60 a week for your shopping is fantastic!
    We had the Parmesan Chicken and loved it....I'm sure we will have it again soon!
    All of your meals sound delicious!

  5. I love meal planning, I hated my "week off" from it over new year I felt so disorganised! Gotta love a Brinner xx


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