Wednesday, January 14, 2015

London, on a Budget

I've mentioned a few times, over the last couple of weeks, that money is tight right now. My husband has had problems with his knee for many years, but about 9 months ago it got worse. He struggles to walk, needs as stick now. 

He went to the doctors just before Christmas where, even though he is under consultant care, his doctor was able to look at his MRI results. It turns out he has a Meniscus Tear, the level of trauma is yet to be seen, but surgery is most likely. He also has arthritis in there. This means a long waiting list, in which time my hubby will be in constant pain, with a swollen knee that keeps locking up and giving way.

So, with him on the sick, we are on a tight budget. A livable budget, but a tight one! 

Long before he went on the sick, July last year, he turned 50. As a birthday present from me and the boys I bought his dream break, stadium tours of Twickenham and The Emirates. Along with a hotel stay for a few days and bus travel up, thanks to other monetary gifts he received. 

My mum is coming to stay at my house for a few days, with the boys (they don't like changes in routine, her staying here is always best). 

The problem now is........Very limited spending money for the trip! So what do you do, to enjoy London in a cold January, with very little cash?

A couple of decisions we've made so far:

Museums. I love the natural history museum, but have not been for years. I've never been to the Victoria & Albert, so that's a possibility. I think both of these are still free entry, with a donation box, if you can afford it.

Completely fan girl, but I totally want to see where This Morning is filmed. So a look there is a must.

After that I'm a bit stumped, so I'm asking you lovely readers:

What can we do in London? 
Where is it cheap to eat?
What's fun and free?

Please bare in mind, the hubby can't walk without pain. Otherwise, I'm all ears.

Help me out folks!


  1. Book nice restaurants on deal on Top Table. We used to eat out at really nice places on 2 for 1.
    Bus tour?
    South Bank is beautiful to walk along, but you might not want to do that.

    1. Thanks, shall look for Top Table. I'm assuming its a website? Xx

  2. Get off the main roads, away from the tourist traps. Even 1t road back you'll find reasonably priced, good food. Whereabouts are you staying?

    1. Staying close to where britmums is, every year x


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