Saturday, January 31, 2015

Little A

Today he's 7.

My beautiful, funny, quirky little boy is 7.

He lights up a room with his 'remembering' (what he calls his stimming).

He's hates being anything, but good. Yet loves the bad guys.

He may not read or write very well, but rarely forgets anything he's told.

He will build Lego all day, every day, without complaint.

He loves chocolate sandwiches and smiley faces. In fact he eats little else!

He's made our family complete.

He totally rules his big brothers.

Today, that little boy.


Is 7!?

He's already put me in my place about his presents. (Good job I'm used to it)

Love you little A.

Hope you have the best day.

Happy Birthday baby.



  1. Aw happy birthday little A!! Xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy!
    I hope he has had a wonderful day x

  3. A lovely pen portrait of your boy, hope he enjoyed his birthday x


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