Saturday, January 17, 2015

If I Was A Rich (WO)Man

There is a prompt this week, on Post 40 bloggers (btw, if you are a blogger over 40, it's well worth a look at this site), it was 'If money was no object......'.

I have to admit, it got me thinking. You see, I've never had money, I don't come from a wealthy family. In fact, as a teen, money was so tight, most of my school uniform was homemade. I was on free school lunches, while my mam worked her ass off, as a cleaner, to keep me fed and watered. Thankfully, my mother has a much more stable life now, thanks to her own pursuit of education.

I left home at 16 with nothing, a few months later I met my, now, husband........who also had nothing! We struggled so much, to the point of living off friends sofa at times. We've always worked, but I come from an age where 'minimum wage' didn't exist. I used to work in a record shop, 6 days a week, for £55. When we got our first flat, the rent was £42! 

It's always been a struggle. When children came along, we were working parents, mostly around each other, occasionally relying on parents to help out. Probably the best off we've ever been. Then things changed and I am now a stay at home mum, but also classed as a carer. 

We have enough to get by. My mortgage is paid, our stomachs are full and our children have many of the luxuries of the modern age.

But what if the money didn't matter? 
What would I do/have? 

I know I would move. I am not particularly happy with where I live. Not the people, but the actual area. It's a built up area where, if you go for a walk, you see nothing but houses, I just as well be living in a city!

The hubby and I would love to live in Wiltshire, it's where a lot of my husbands family live, and not too far from where I am now. It would actually plonk me, smack bang, in between where my brothers live too.

I would have a big house, with a granny flat down the garden (my mother has always told me, if I left, she's coming!). I would have a big summer house, so I could enjoy being outside, without the sunburn.

If money were no object, I would have a grand kitchen, because mine is really small, cooking dinner for 5 takes up every work surface!

I would have a workout room, with a personal trainer, because one day I will be slim. I would also have a swimming pool, I do love the water, so do the youngest 2 boys of this house. To get up and dip our toes, whenever we chose? Heaven!

As a person, I don't think I'd change. I am a home body, I like to be around my house, and I'm not a big fan of travelling.

Although I think the Motorhome I mentioned in This post will be quite a large one!

What would you buy, or do, if money was no object?
You know I love to know this stuff.

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