Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ickle Pickles guest post

I would like to introduce you to my final guest post. It's from a fellow Welsh Blogger, don't forget to check her link, at the end of the post:

I am delighted to be writing a guest post for the fantastic Jo from Ojos World, I was very excited, thank you Jo for having me!

I thought I would share with her lovely readers the reasons why a walk is so good for you!

It is proven that lack of sunshine affects us. Physically, emotionally, mentally. We can't all jet off to find the sun unfortunately, so the next best thing is to grab it when it does show its face here at home. Wrap up, grab your dog / child / friend - in fact anyone who will come with you - and go for a walk. A brisk walk does you so much good. It helps you clear your mind. And gets you out into the sunshine. Even 10 - 15 minutes brisk walk a day will help improve your mood and well being.
walk on beach

Whilst walking, focus only on what you are doing at that moment. Feel your feet making contact with the ground. Feel the air on your skin. feel you tots hand in yours. Really connect with the moment. Look round you - notice everything. There is plenty of time later to think about your To Do List. This will make your walk a more fulfilling experience.

By being 'in the moment' and really connecting with what you are doing, a walk anywhere becomes more interesting. You will notice things you have never spotted before - even in your street, your local park, or around your town. You can walk anywhere!

If it is raining - still go out! Cover up, and go for a walk in the rain. Rain is so cleansing. Again, really connect with the moment, fully embracing the rain. Be thankful for the rain, it is essential to us. By thinking positively you will lift your mood.

Obviously the exercise is so beneficial for you - brisk walks are kinder and less impact for your body too.

Whenever you can walk instead of taking the car - do it! You will feel so much better for it.

Enjoy your walks! If you would like to pop over to see other well being tips and a peep into 

 I would love to see you!

Ickle Pickle :)

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