Friday, January 09, 2015

I Feel Old, a Poem.

I'm feeling all bluegh, and sorry for myself, today. Mostly it's hormonal, which is getting significantly worse, as I've got older.

That has prompted a burst of poetry. 
(I know, freaky how my mind works!?)

Anyway, here it is:

I Feel Old

I feel old
My body is groaning
My mood is sour
I don't stop moaning

I feel old
I want to nap
I'm tired and achy
I feel like Crap

My bones make sounds
When I move
They crack and snap
To their own groove

My hair is changing colour
It's not a shade I love
My grey roots are not pretty
Especially from above

I feel hormonal
It's not very pretty
I'll get mad very quickly
My family you'd pity

I feel old
But my mind disagrees
You see, up there
I'm still 23! 


  1. Yes exactly that!! And I've got a few more years of old to add to yours ��. White on the mountain top but underneath a 20 something!

    1. He he! Love it
      (although I did, at first, wonder what 20 year old you are under!) Xx

  2. Great poem, I only feel in my 20's as well

  3. This, THIS is how I felt the whole weekend!! I am determined to do something about it this week though :) Brilliant piece of poetry. Thank you for linking to Prose For Thought lovely lady xx

    1. You do something lady! You deserve to feel as good as you look xx


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