Monday, January 12, 2015

He's 12!

He is, my middle born. My biggest baby, weighing in at 10lb 9oz (no idea what that is in kg). 

He was actually the easiest birth, even though he took from 9am, on the 11th, to 1am on the 12th to show his beautiful face.

It has been a long few days. I'd ended up in hospital by mistake. The midwife had told me I had a consultant appointment, the unit I was going to was midwife led, so I had assumed that I needed to be in the bigger hospital.........I was wrong!

However, as I was overdue, they told me to hang around to see someone. One thing led to another, and I was kept in. After a dating scan, that revealed there was very little fluid around him, thanks to his size, I was told I would be induced the next day. 
Then the next day. 
Then the next day!

Four days later, a Saturday, at 9am, my waters were popped. As expected, nothing happened, so a few hours later I was put on a drip, to induce labour. Still nothing really happened, except a fair amount of pain, so I opted for an epidural. At one point that afternoon I almost lost consciousness, but thanks to my hubbys nagging and quick thinking, I was quickly sorted. Still nothing happened.

By 9pm that night, I was on my 3rd midwife. This one was very matronly, and my favourite of the day! There was talk of Cesarean, if things still didn't move. Me and the mister got a TV card, expecting nothing to change. We watched a 2 hour programme which must of done something as things started moving! At this point there was talk of Vontouse, like a suction cup, to help him out.

Me, I just kept pushing away, while the room filled with doctors and nurses to assist. Then suddenly my midwife said (her words)

'Oh Shit, here he is!'

And out popped my massive baby (unfortunately, along with a lot of blood). They had to get a bigger cot! He was like a big round tomato!

I remember it all like it was yesterday.

And now he's 12!

He's impatient, talented, terrible joke teller, with a smile that lights up a room.

Happy Birthday baby, you drive me crazy, but I couldn't love you more


  1. Happy birthday middle child (always the best position!) x x x lovely picture of your both too x

    1. Ah, thank you (I take it you're a middle child). I shall pass on your well wishes xx

  2. What a gorgeous boy! Happy birthday to him!
    I love that: 'Oh shit! Here he is!'. My middle one was 9lb 3 andn I thought that was big enough!

    1. 9lb 3oz is smaller than my smallest! Lol. He is a handsome boy (I may be slightly biased there) xx

  3. Happy birthday (belated!) mine were both 6Ib'ers so hats off to you Mrs anything over 7 frightens be haha!! Xxx


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