Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Acceptable Shaming

Ok, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the constant abuse that seems to be thrown around the television, and social networks, at anybody that doesn't meet a certain standard.

Not a day goes by, that I don't read a status on Facebook about going to work, to keep the dole bums going. Am I a dole bum? I mean, I haven't worked for 7yrs, I'm 'just' a stay at home mum. Yet I haven't claimed dole in about 20 years! I'm not on any sickness benefits, so am I who you aim that status at?? 

Oh and now that couple went on the TV claiming they were 'too fat to work'. I didn't watch the programme, I have no interest in what TV land does in these programmes. I know they would have picked the worst kind of people to do the programme, the people who are not even trying, because it's OK to ridicule and embarrass them isn't it?? It's OK to set them up for abuse, they're asking for it.

Do I agree with what the couple were saying? 

I've been overweight all my life, yet rarely been out of work. I'd like to think I was a hard worker, but my former bosses could answer that better. Maybe the people on the TV show weren't employable because of they're attitude, not their weight? 

Fat isn't a disease. However, the current TV trend of 'fat shaming', is deeply upsetting. It seems OK to put us up there, to be pointed at and told how we should change! As I said, I've been big all my life! I do log my food, I do move more and eat less, I do everything I'm supposed to do...............yet I'm still big.

Does that mean it's OK to point the finger of blame? 

I was a working mum, who was overweight.
Now I'm a stay at home mum, who's obese.

Apparently that makes me a subhuman in certain areas of the media.

Well I'm not! I am doing what is right for my family. I do not claim any more benefits than the average working household, because my husband is on low earnings. I cook for my family, as healthy as I can, given the food issues my little one has.

Before you judge, THINK.

Not everything is black and white.
I, for one, am not standing for it any more.


  1. Very well said, I think society has trouble accepting different and those that don't conform to the norm.

    1. It genuinely annoys me. Why can't we just agree that everyone lives differently?

  2. I hate how the media impose only one way you can be beautiful! I had literally no role models in the mainstream media growing up-most were stick thin and blond while I was dark and curvy but by the time I went to uni things started to change in a big way...It still needs to though, all shapes and sizes need to be embraced. Never let anyone get to you, you are a wonderful woman x

    1. Exactly! Who defines what is beautiful!? All shapes and sizes ate, as long as you are happy and healthy xx

  3. Yeah those TV programmes are designed to provoke and be talked about, but of course those extreme stereotypes just confirm some people's prejudices and makes it harder for others to be accepted if they not working/are overweight/are different from the norm in some other way. Great post x

    1. I agree that they are subjects that should be discussed, but these programmes provoke ridicule, and that's wrong. Thank you x

    2. Sorry I think my comment came out wrong (again!). I meant that the programme makers were designing their programmes to be provocative without thinking of the consequences.

  4. Good for you! Very well said. The vast, vast majority do what is right for their own family - whether that is going to work or not going to work.
    I didn't see the programme you mentioned either, but I must say I often feel sorry for the people on these sorts of programmes as they seem quite vulnerable - they are short of cash and probably not the sharpest tools in the shed. Of course they are going to say yes to a few quid to appear on TV and the chance of a little bit of 'fame', but then the programme is edited to show them at their very worst so they can be ridiculed, which just seems like a form of abuse by the programme makers.
    Did you see Dr Christian's new programme the other night - there was a lot of celebrating plus size women and it showed larger ladies (some of them VERY large) in a positive light.
    (Maybe you need to change your FB friends - I've never seen this sort of status!)

    1. Brilliant comment, thank you! I shall look for that programme on catch up. As for the status updates, I see at least one a week with the words 'dole bums' in. Sad x


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