Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

I really have to get myself more organised with this little blog hop! I seem to be constantly busy at the moment, so I'm nipping to the blog in quick bursts, and not getting much written.

Anyway, on to this weeks Reasons:

1. My son's nativity. I can't share the pics, unfortunately, as I was unable to get him on his own. The whole class was awesome. They did a play called 'Baubles', a new one for our school. My son was a narrator, he had one line to say, all on his own. This is a boy, that we were told may never speak properly. Yet there he stood, proudly, and spoke his line out loud. I could barely contain the tears. A huge proud mama moment.

2. Going to panto. I'm going to see a panto, for the first time in 22 years! The mister had booked us a box, so we can all go, and little A can do what he wants, without bothering anyone else. Really looking forward to it.

3. Festive lights. I love all the lights, at this time of year. As it gets dark so early, they make the evening so pretty.

So come on, join in.
I love reading your reasons to smile, however you share them.


  1. Lovely reasons jo :) im so pleased your boys play went well proud moment indeed! :) hope you have fun at the panto a box sounds a brill idea xx

  2. Lovely reasons, proud mum moments (that you never thought would happen) are very, very special. Enjoy the panto, a box sounds a great idea x
    I'm linking up 2 this week, hope that's ok

    1. That is absolutely fine. Looking forward to reading it xx

  3. Lovely reasons Jo, especially the proud mama moment x

  4. Yaay for nativitiy and the panto! I can still remember the exact moment when my son said his first words (age 2) which was huge for me with a non-verbal daughter, so I have an idea how much this must have meant to you.

    I couldn't do a proper R2BC this week, but I've linked up a post I wrote on the best reason to be cheerful so far this year! Hope that's ok xx

  5. How strange, I wrote a post called Reasons to Be Cheerful this week but had no idea you had a linky of the same name!! I will update it now and make it look like I meant it ;-) haha

  6. something so special about the nativity! enjoy the panto. I love festive lights too


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