Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Film of the Year

As Christmas draws ever near, and the year comes closer to an end, it's left me a little reflective.

So it was perfect timing for Joe's Bloggers to get in touch, asking about my favourite film, or book, this year. For the #CurryFiresideFiction competition.

My favourite books are easy! I've loved reading Robert J Cranes 'Girl in a Box' series. 10 books in all, and I whipped through them. He's now released a 'Girl out of the Box' book, and it seems to have found its way onto my kindle *innocent face*.

Now we come to my favourite film, I'm torn between two.

I watch quite a lot of films, little A is a Disney/animated film nut and my eldest is a, full on, Marvel geek! Middle child is not overly bothered either way. Once he finds a film he watches it to death, but it's usually one of us that introduces him to it.

Because of this, my first film has to be: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I absolutely LOVED it, so did the rest of the family. It really was a great family film, no extreme violence, no swear words, ideal.

It honestly was the quietest I've seen little A, during a movie. I normally have to explain my way through most films, for him. This has all 3 boys drawn in totally, yes, even the teen. 

If you're a TMNT traditionalist, you may have some conflict about the story line, it's a bit of a mix between the old turtle plots, and the new. Don't let that put you off though, it really is an excellent intro, I can't wait for the next one!

The other film was seen on a date night, with the mister (obvs). It was: 'Before I go to Sleep' starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. I honestly walked into the cinema, not knowing what to expect. I hadn't read the book, or much about the film, just the brief synopsis on the cinema listings. 

What a surprise I had! A tense, well thought out, thriller. A women who completely loses her memory, every time she goes to sleep, after a brutal attack. The twists and turns are brilliant, who do you trust, who is out to help, and who is out to harm.

You couldn't get two more different films, there can be no comparison, really. As I watched them in different circumstances, I couldn't decide which was my favourite! 

Both are due out soon, on DVD. The TMNT will definitely be bought, as all 3 boys want it, for Christmas. As for the Before I go to Sleep, I will probably wait until it's released onto one of the film streaming apps. 

What was your favourite film/book/TVseries this year? Has something really hooked you in? I'd love you to let me know, give me something else to enjoy.

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  1. My favourite film of the year is difficult as I don't watch as many as I would like. I guess the Mandela film was special as a quality time night with my teenage son and interesting to see his perspective on it all. I recently enjoyed a book by Janet Street Porter describing her childhood - it gave clues as to why she is the woman she is today.


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