Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mid Holiday Thoughts

I'm feeling a bit, well, blah.

I think it's the lull, between Christmas and New year. The house is a tip, with new packaging being found every day, as another toy is played with.

I'm reflecting on how Christmas went. Fairly well, in all fairness, we had 2 very minor hiccups. Both were dealt with quickly and really didn't come to much.

The only person that felt a bit left out, was me! I spent a lot of the day sat on my own, playing games on my phone. My children need their own space, so that's what they had.

I'm also thinking to the coming year. Will I make resolutions, who knows? I have a bit of a head on me about how nothing changes, at the moment. Maybe resolutions would fix that, even though I don't normally agree with them.

So yes, I'm in that lull.

I'm wondering what the future holds, the mister has been signed off on the sick, which means no income coming in. That, however, deserves a post of his own.

Are you in that lull?
Talk to aunty Ojo.


  1. Back home after 3 days with family and returnd to chaotic reality! Need to write 2 essays this week eek!!

    1. Oh my word! Back with a bang then, good luck! Xx

  2. Yes I'm in that lull....I can't keep the house tidy.....The kids are still hyper but we're still enjoying So sorry you felt a bit left out....Hugs! x

    1. I will take that hug, and return one. The sugar rush will calm soon, I hope xx


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