Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

Firstly let me say thank you for the magic. Thank you for not going overboard at Christmas, with the gifts, so my boys remember it is a time of family and love too.

Now, onto me! I don't ask for much, most of what I get, I give to others, so this year I'm asking for things I can't give away.

I'd like some confidence. 

I am fine around people, I can talk to anyone, thanks to being a good judge of character. What I'd like is confidence in my abilities, I would like to confidently sew whatever I want, so I can have some gorgeous new clothes.
If you could provide this, I would also like a shed load of fabric and cotton, to go with it!

I'd like some will power.

I can't stop munching, even though my health depends on me NOT doing it! I want to be able to say no, when those I love being me chocolate. I would like to get fitter and stick to my step targets. I seem to be getting worse, not better.
If you can sort this, a years gym membership wouldn't go to waste!

I would like some oomph.

I have enough time to put a bit of make up on in the morning, I just can't be bothered. I could cook delicious home cooked meals but, ugh, someone always wants to help. I think my get up and go has got up and gone! 
Do you know some lovely make up brushes and new make up would really, really help.

I would like some time.

This is a big one. My day seems to be filled with other people's crap. I'm either cleaning up after them, running them somewhere, or doing something for them. I soak in the bath when my children are in school, but then my phone had to come with me, just in case (not forgetting I have to clean said bathroom first).
If you could supply some new CDs to go with this. So I could shake my booty, in my spare time, that would wonderful!

Now I don't think that's too much to ask for, do you?


  1. Brilliant wish list! I think I would all of the above too x

  2. I hope that Santa brings you everything you wish for :)

  3. What a wonderful list, and I really have no idea why you need more confidence in your sewing abilities - all your makes are brilliant! Wouldn't it be wonderful if Santa could bring feelings as well as gifts? Thanks so much for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown


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