Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Christmas Idea

As a blogger I, occasionally, get offered things to review. My blog is my place to be me, which is why I don't do a LOT of reviews. I pick and choose what suits me, and mine.

The item I was recently sent to review was so me, that I almost forgot to review it!? I honestly got so used to it being around, it cleaned slipped my mind.

I'm not sure if it comes across on my blog, but I'm quite a techy. I love gadgets, and things that attach to said gadgets.

So when GiffGaff sent me the mPULSE wireless speaker to review, I was... ummm...... CHUFFED!?

Let's start with the what's in the box. 

In the box was one speaker and 2 wires. One was a wire to plug it in to the mains, so the speaker can be recharged. The other wire is to plug it into your phone, a universal jack that plugs into your headphones slot.

Now I know it states wireless, and it is. You don't NEED any of them to listen to sound from your device, just Bluetooth.

Size of the speaker

It's slightly larger than your average mobile phone and, in all honesty, quite heavy. Not so heavy that it is awkward or lumpy, but heavy enough to feel substantial.

My opinion

As I said, I'm a gadget lover. I love to have good sound system, as I live for my music. It keeps me company when I sew. I absolutely love to have music in the bath, I can stay in there for hours with my tunes playing. However good your phone is, it will still sound tinny compared to headphones, or a speaker.

This speaker has a great sound, good quality and nice and loud. I love the fact that, once connected via bluetooth, the speaker can control what I'm playing, I can skip forward or backwards through the songs!

I also struggle to sleep in total silence (weird, I know), so I use it to listen to my rain/storm sleep app. It sounds like you are actually listening to a storm. (At this point I wanted to make a video, unfortunately, I have a truly useless phone. When I replace it, I will upload a review to YouTube)

I would say, if you're looking for a gift for the phone/music obsessed teen, or like me the secret tech nut, you couldn't go far wrong with one of these. It's got an excellent sound and is incredibly easy to set up.

I have yet to try the phone side of it (If you look at the pic it's got a phone symbol, it is a hands free speaker phone too!), but, thanks to said phone, it's not possible. Not really the best way to showcase such a great piece of kit.

Mine will not be a gift for anyone! It's mine, and it is most definitely staying that way.

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