Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons is officially hosted by Becky, at Lakes Single Mum, for the month of November. As I know she is incredibly busy at the moment, I'm going to set it up, with Beckys badge. 

So here are my:
Reasons to be Cheerful
1. Hmmm, let me think..... what could it be...........Oh yeah

Yes, I have my very own little Clio. My mum bought a new car and decided that my son could have hers. However, he isn't quite 17 yet and he has to learn, then pass his test. So for a few months it's all mine!

2. Parents evening. I didn't realise that colleges held these, but they do. It seems my teen is doing incredibly well, I'm so happy for him, as he loves it. He still needs to work on his anxiety within group work, but even that is improving. Long may it continue.

3. Feeling Well. I said about this last week, but it deserves another mention. I had a couple of days feeling poorly, but that was hormonal. Overall, however, I'm feeling so much better. I'm happier, and more content, than I have felt in quite a while.

So what are your reasons? Join in the linky, if your a blogger. Or comment on here, or one of the social networks, if you aren't. 


  1. So glad that you're feeling better, a great news about the car! Happy driving xx

  2. yay to the car! great news on the teen and your health

  3. Fab news about the car. Well done on the parents evening and a thumbs up to you feeling better x


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