Saturday, November 29, 2014

My 'Works Do'

The realisation of how much my life has changed, over the last couple of years, has become even more noticeable in the last few days.

Christmas is coming and nights out are being planned. With all sorts of friends, work friends, school friends, the friends you have coffee with every day.

I won't be doing any of that.

I've tried to work out how to have a night out, but friends lives change, they move on, they have jobs and new friendships/relationships. People don't stand still, and that is the way life should be.


The realisation that my life had been so consumed by my children needs, that I have forgotten how to exist, has really hit me.

I've gone from being a mum who loved to relax, on a Saturday, with a night of dancing and alcohol. To a battered old cripple, who is in pain most of the time, and takes that many pills and injections, that dancing and drinking would be more like rattling and leaking!!

As my children have grown, their autistic needs change and evolve, like every child really. But it's left me exhausted, most Saturday nights, I'm in bed before 9:30pm!

I know this should get me down, but quite frankly, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time, I just miss some grown up time. I miss letting go and having fun.

There is no way I can fix that, as my children's needs will always come first for me, that's the way I'm built. But maybe I should consider a 'works do' of my own!!

So in the next week or two I'm going to dress myself up while the children are in school (although I'll probably make sure the mister is on an early finish, just in case), take myself to a local restaurant and enjoy a nice meal, with a glass of something alcoholic. I am going to take my kindle, so I can enjoy it peacefully (no one bothers you when you're reading).

I am going to have a stay at home mums ' works do'.

I hope you have plans for Christmas, with friends and loved ones, if you don't................ Go out anyway, life is too short not to celebrate.


  1. Your own works do sounds like a great idea! Have a lovely time!
    I am lucky! All my close friends are parents from the school yard so we are all in the same position with kids....We have a Christmas party....Usually at my friends house! hehehe

  2. Totally with you here, esp when mine were little and my OH was working for himself, it was so boring at Xmas, nothing glam to dress up for. Why don't we set an official work-do day for SAHMs (or SAHP to be politically correct) and WAHMs (Work at Home Mum)?!

  3. I love the idea of hosting your own do. My daughters are both at uni now and I realise now how much time I spent pirouetting around them and their needs over the last 20 years. I'm out celebrating tonight with my sister at a concert and I think it's good to remind yourself to have fun sometimes. Maybe we should have a Twitter party at some point?

  4. Love this Jo x funny life does change I was chatting to someone yesterday about friendships and making new ones when you have moved and your children are teens.

    In a over a year I have met some new lovely people, mainly dog walking who I regularly chat to and one I even met to go out with and further plans before Christmas, go me right! Last night I got invited to a Christmas drinks party another high five I think there (!) another dog walking person and we have lovely neighbours too.

    But there is someone inside me that just wants to go out and party, have a flipping laugh, being completely irresponsible because like you I have things going on with my family that needs some much extra attention. In my head I need to dance all night, no doubt my body may complain with luck my head would win.

    Enjoy your own 'works do' x x x

  5. Yay! I love this idea! I may copy you! I won't have the alcohol though (being teetotal). I do like a nice lunch and a nice read together though!


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