Monday, November 24, 2014

My Magic Fireplace

I think my home made Xmas is getting a little out of hand!?.......

Do you have a fireplace? If not, have your children asked how Santa gets in?

For years I have hung a decorative key, on my door with a red ribbon. It doesn't open anything, it's an old fashioned ornate looking thing, but it's all part of the magic.

This year, a new idea has cropped up, over social media. If you look up Christmas Fireplace on Pinterest, you will find it.

You build your own frickin fireplace! 
With boxes and paint!
Well I just had to have a go....

With the help of Mr.Ojo, and 7 Avon boxes (I know the right people), we were off:

I also had a shelf lying around, we decided to use it as a hearth. (What do you mean you don't have a spare Ikea shelf lying around? I thought everyone did!?)

The next job is to cover it with paper. I've recently decorated, so used the wallpaper that was left, but you can use any paper, just don't make it too flimsy.

Then you paint it, brick red obviously. 1-2 matchpots will do it, depending on how liberal you are with it.

I have a Wii, that has an 'app', that is a virtual fireplace. We've had it for years, I do love a roaring fire, it's so relaxing. I've allowed my sewing room tv to be pinched, for the season, connected it to the Wii........Voila! One fire, that won't burn down the cardboard fireplace!

Next job it to paint in the bricks. Another match pot, this time in white (side note. Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy a matchpot that is simply white??? I used Antique White). I used a ruler to do the longer lines, then free hand with the rest, using a child's paint brush.

This is my finished fireplace, with the fire playing. My youngest loves it, especially as, when the fire isn't playing, he can sit there and watch Netflix!

This was so much easier than I thought it would be, and I'm incredibly pleased that it has turned out like the pictures I've seen.

I do love Christmas.
Unfortunately (apart from my teen!), the children are not overly bothered. I can't go too crazy, because they find it over-stimulating, so this has been the perfect way to add a little Christmas magic.

Do share your ideas for Home made Christmas with me. I'm loving finding, and creating, new things.


  1. What a fantastic idea....Love it!
    We have a fireplace with a fake coal fire which only gets switched on once a year for the gas safety

    1. You should surround it, just for Xmas x

  2. I may hate you as I will now have to do this with the children as part of their home education! You are clever! Looks lovely

    1. You should! You could talk about how it would've been made, on the past x

  3. This is a brilliant idea, and looks great! We're lucky and have a fireplace, although it never goes on as my husband complains about the heat. This is a great solution to add a bit of Christmas magic without overstimulating, and I can imagine loads of children would think this was wonderful if it was done 'by magic' on Christmas eve! #ChristmasCountdown

  4. Wow this is amazing! How exciting for your boys! #christmascountdown

  5. Really good Job, well done looks nice and cosy


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