Friday, November 28, 2014

My Christmas

I wrote one of these type of posts last year, I will probably write one next year too. 

A Christmas in a house with autism will keep changing, keep evolving. I will keep writing so that other parents, with autistic children, don't feel alone.

I will say one big positive, there's very little commercialism in this house! My children want to talk about the magic of Christmas, they want to understand how it all works, why it's all happening.

I can't surprise my children too much, I have to talk to the 11yo about exactly what he wants, and he knows what his main present is already. I have managed to throw in a couple of little bits, but not much. In previous years, too many surprises have resulted in comments like:
"I wish I had another family"
"Santa doesn't know me very well".

It doesn't matter how much you understand autism, those will still break your heart in two. 

I also don't buy a lot, for any of them. I never have over indulged at Christmas anyway, I believe it has to be about more than gifts. I love Christmas to be about family and spending time together. I

f I over indulged they would get over-stimulated, which would result in the type of meltdowns that ruin the day.

I've started the process of decorating, nothing too much this year. Yes I've built a 'magic' fireplace, but it is simple and effective, not garish and bright.

I love Christmas, and planning like this means that I can continue to enjoy it.

Whatever your Christmas is like, it's yours, enjoy it.  Don't compete with others, it's not worth it. 

I will be spending the day relaxed and very happy, probably watching films and building LOTS of Lego!


  1. I'm so glad that you wrote this. It's the same in our house, Megan is autistic and doesn't like surprises. The anxiety of will the day run smoothly has already started building up inside me, Tim has two daughters aswell and finding the balance of Megan's needs and the girls expectations is so hard. Last Boxing Day resulted in Megan having a huge meltdown and then the youngest having a tantrum and all he'll broke loose. As much as I'd love a wonderful Christmas Day I think the stress might finish me off beforehand!

    1. I've been there Sooo many times, it's really hard to please everyone, especially when you have NT children that want all the pop and fizzle. Try and relax, not easy I know, but you will see the benefit xx

  2. How interesting to read.....I never even thought about surprises or too many surprises upsetting the day.....I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :) x

  3. Yes Christmas has evolved here too: Santa is no longer a source of stress (and waking at 2 in the morning!). But going anywhere is.... So it will be a quiet - and planned - day at home I think :) xx


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