Saturday, November 01, 2014

I love Cardiff

Many years ago, when I was a teen, Cardiff was a big day out. It was a 15 minute walk to the nearest train station, then a 40 minute train ride to the city. Doesn't sound like much, but as a youngster, it felt like an adventure. 

But it was just for shopping. It was just a day, that you would save up for, for weeks! It was a McDonald's for lunch, again a real treat, because they weren't on every corner.

As I grew up, I still saw it like that. It was a trek, a special treat for me and, most often, my mum. Twice a year, for a days shopping (that I still have to save up weeks for lol).

Recently, that's changed. I don't know why.

Partly, I thank blogging. It's opened my eyes to how easily you can get from A to B. This has resulted in me utterly falling in love, with the city of Cardiff.

I can usually park out by City Hall and the museum. It has the most beautiful architecture! I can spend hours walking around and staring up at the statues on the structures. If you ever go to Cardiff, go take a look. It's surrounded by little parks, full of beautiful Autumn colours at the moment (except the one that is being set up for Winter Wonderland).

Then you wander into the town, past the gorgeous New Theatre, I've never been inside, but outside reminds me of traditional theatres of the past.

Continue up that road and suddenly you are in the city centre, full of every type of shop you can think of!

The places to eat too! I eat somewhere different every time I go. I went yesterday, with the teen, we walked out to Wyndam arcade and found a little cafe, just ham, egg and chips type. It was so clean and welcoming, utterly perfect for feeding a hungry teen. 

But you could eat at St. David arcades East Side, they cater for everything. Or just outside the main shopping centre you have a good food quarter, again catering for every pallet. 

Don't fancy dinner? Go to one of the many tea rooms. I had a wonderful afternoon at Pettigrew Tea Rooms, last weekend. 

Pettigrew Tea Rooms
In a couple of weekends I'm off to an event in Waterloo Tea, which is in Wyndam arcade,that looks amazing. 

Even if you go to one of the coffee shops, sit outside. Thanks to the music and arts college nearby, you will get amazing buskers to entertain you. 

I have become a regular visitor to Cardiff, popping down just for a coffee. 

Do you have a place you've recently fallen in love with? Somewhere you are seeing with new eyes? 

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  1. I'm jealous! I've never been to Cardiff, I've only ever been to Tenby in south Wales!


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