Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Home Made Tree!

As promised, I am showing you how I made the Christmas tree, from My Sunday Photo.

It really is quite easy to make, if a little time consuming. It can also be made quite frugally. The main bulk of it is made with green felt, I bought 1 metre specifically. If you want to do it 'on the cheap' I would recommend going to your local pound shop and picking up 2 Gift sacks! They would be around the right size.

Start by cutting 2 triangles, all the sizes can be your own choice. Mine was 42cm across the bottom, and 60cm high. On the one piece of the fabric mark where you want your decoration, this will be the front of the tree:

Next, you need to layer the tree with some thin wadding. I used a lightweight one so it would give it some weight, but also give it a lightly quilted look. When doing this, I find it easier to pin an extra layer of material to the wadding. It stops it all getting caught up with the needle. 

Now you sew through the front piece of fabric, wadding and thin layer of extra material, following the pattern you have drawn on. I used a chain stitch, using yellow and red embroidery thread. Realistically, you could use normal cotton and a sewing machine (if it has a pretty embroidery stitch).

Once you have done this, decide where you are going to place your 'baubles'. For this I used some of, the many, odd buttons I have around the house. Again, this is my choice, you could buy buttons that match, glittery ones maybe? Don't forget, when sewing on the decoration, you will need a seam allowance, to sew it all together, so don't sew them too close to the edges.

Once all the buttons are sewn on, you are ready to stitch the front and back together. Place the 2 right sides together (so it's inside out). Sew together, leaving a gap at the bottom, to turn it the right way, as shown in the diagram below:

Once sewn, iron out the seams flat (it really does make a difference to the finish), then turn. Make sure you push out all the points!

Now comes the time consuming work. You could do this on the machine, I decided to hand sew............40 button holes?!?! Crazy woman, I know. It's quite tough to get through all the layers with a machine, using fancy cotton, and I wanted it to be a bit shiny.

The reason for the button holes, is to put little lights through. I bought cheap battery operated ones from a discount store. A set in red and a set in white. In total they came to around £4!  I would suggest looking around for the cheapest before buying, but places like B&M and Home Bargains, are great for these type of lights.

Mark where you want to place the lights, I looked at the back, just to make sure they were evenly spread out, then stitch an oblong and cut a hole in the middle of each when finished. 

This is mine, halfway through:

Now to create the Base. I wanted this to hold the battery packs. So I got a sturdy piece of brown fabric and overlocked around the edge. If you don't have access to an overlocker, then stick a zigzag around the edge! Fold the piece ALMOST in half, you need to leave the one side slightly longer to put inside the tree opening, and stitch up either side.

Place the longer piece inside the tree, pin it all together, and top stitch.
You can now place your lights through the holes, from the back, hiding your battery packs inside the base!

Finally, sew on a bit of ribbon to the top, to hang it with!
This is my finished product:

I am over the moon with this, it's up on my wall and it's staying there!

If you want to try and make this wall hanging, please let me know. If you have any questions, either ask them here, or one of the other social networks, you'll find me in most places as ojosworld.

I would love to see your versions.


  1. Well that is amazing Jo. I'm not at all in possession of enough patience so I'll have to admire yours I think! It's fab though xx

  2. That is so clever and so lovely! I do not have enough patience either for things like this! I wish I did! x

  3. Wow you make what I'm sure was many hours of work look so simple! The finished design is absolutely amazing - you must surely be thinking of keeping it up all year. One of these days I will learn how to use a sewing machine :) #ChristmasCountdown

  4. Wow, thats amazing. I love it. I love the idea of taking it and making it into something lovely for my little girls room. You're very clever xx

  5. What a lovely tutorial - I wish I was crafty! #Christmascountdown

  6. The looks amazing, may try and give something like that a go myself! Thanks for sharing x

  7. Wow I love this….but using a sewing machine is something I've never mastered!


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