Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Home Made Christmas

If you follow me on any other social networks (I'm easy to find, I'm ojosworld everywhere!), you may have noticed me beginning to use the hashtags #homemade #Christmas.

It is my 'theme' this year, my way of saving money. I am really getting my finances under control and definitely looking into more frugal ways to have fun.

I've created a new board on Pinterest, you can find it here: homemade-Christmas. It's a way for me to put all the ideas I find in one place.

I've already started making my own decorations. My Sunday Photo was a fairy, that I made at a Christmas craft class, last weekend. I have more of those to make (may even host a giveaway for one).

The other thing I've made, I'm utterly in love with. Possibly because it is from my own imagination, and is coming together exactly as I hoped. I am going to blog about the total process, but for now, here's a sneak peak:

Isn't it cute!? Wait until you see the finished product.

I've bought some paints to experiment with painting jars. I'm hoping I can create little candlelit snowmen or snowflakes.....Not sure if I'm arty enough, but I'll have a go.

There is more to come on this, this post is more of an introduction. I'm going to look at gifts I can make and talk you through how to make them yourselves.

So if you have any frugal/money saving ideas, do share. I've already been pointed in the direction of some sites on Facebook, with some great ideas. 

Would love to hear your plans.


  1. You're so creative....I don't have the patience or skill for anything like this! x

    1. Thank you Kim! I've never thought of myself as creative, it must have been laying dormant xx


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