Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Holiday Help?!

Did you know that this year we celebrate 100 years of commercial flight? Do you know how many times I've flown in my 41 years of that? 

4 times! 

Not much. Especially when you consider most children, these days, have been on that many by their 5th birthday. There has always been something stopping me from travelling. 

There is the biggest issue: I don't do well in the heat. As much as I'd love to visit sandy beaches and turquoise seas, I'd pass out after the first day.

There's been other factors, before the children came along, I couldn't really afford it. Then when they did come along........I still couldn't afford it! 

We did have one trip abroad, as a family. It was when my, now, teen was 8 and my middle boy was 3. It was quite a handful, travelling, even then. This is going back to a time when we didn't know that my middle boy was on the spectrum. It took me, hubby, and my mum, to get organised and keep him occupied. 

However, when we were there, it was heaven! The beautiful hotel, all inclusive. Just across the road from a sandy beach that the children adored. We went in October, so the heat wasn't too much for me. There were some hiccups, but overall it was a blissful holiday. 

We still have such fond memories of attempting to cycle around in a 4 seated contraption! My mum had to get out and walk, because she was laughing too hard.

The first time I went in the sea, I was stung just below the butt by a little jellyfish (of course, if you had asked at the time, he was the size of a small car). I spent the next few days showing everyone my sting!

It was the holiday of a lifetime for us. My hubby and I have been together 25 years, this was our only trip abroad. 

Of course, now we have little A, our problems are slightly different. They all want to go away again, but what if he gets on a plane and hates it? If he says no......it means NO.

If you have any experience of Autism, you will understand this. Normally I can plan for any, and all, eventualities. I'm not sure how to do this with flying?

One option, I've thought of, is maybe a short flight? Maybe from Cardiff to Scotland. I've always wanted to go to Scotland, I'm not even sure why. I do want to see as much of the UK as possible. 

I've spent a lot of time in the South West, Perranporth is beautiful and Weymouth is a regular jaunt:

I love London and I've been as far East as Kent (another beautiful place). 

So maybe that's the solution, a short flight, to test the waters. If he hates it, and refuses to go back on a plane.........At least I can still get home!

Basically, this family needs ideas, we need help! 
We need a holiday to remember, something that we can all enjoy. 

So as much as this little boy loves his home:

I need him to see the big, wide world.

Hopefully on a plane!

This post is an entry for the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge, celebrating how flying allows us to make memories and ‘be there’, in association with #Flying100. Find out more at http://bit.ly/flying100 

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  1. Lovely post. I have not done much travelling in adult life either and regret it. We do what we can with the circumstances we are given. All the best in progressing your dreams. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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