Friday, November 07, 2014

Body Confidence

The other morning I put up a status, on Facebook, as a joke. It said:

'I'm not fat. I'm just so sexy it overflows'

That sounds incredibly big headed, doesn't it.

But is it, really?

I've basically just called myself fat, and fat is an insult, isn't it? 
Fat isn't attractive, it's gross. Fat is the butt of jokes: 'My mother-in-law is so fat.........' (she's not, by the way!). They've been around for years.

In my case, it genuinely was a joke. I mean I am fat, that's not insulting, it's the truth........and that's where the problem lies.

Words are misused and thrown about with such abandon, often in the wrong way. Said with the certain tone of voice, or in the wrong way, they can be hugely insulting and heartbreaking for the recipient.

Do I have issues with my body, YES! But then, find me a woman that doesn't!?

Actually, what about men? When did they become immune to this?

I have a child who's issues break my heart. It has come to the point that he won't allow photographs. I can't have a family photograph, ever! He's not growing out of this, he's growing into it. Did one word start this series of events? Did someone say a word that my son decided was true?

Because that's the other side isn't it? What do we believe. When someone says something derogatory about your appearance, why do we believe it? Who are they to say what's good or bad? Everyone's opinions differ. 

There will be people that think I'm unattractive, but why would I listen to that, when I have a husband that tells me I'm beautiful, everyday.

Words, they can be a thing of utter joy, but can break a humans soul, from such a young age.

So this is me telling you, everyone one of my readers.

You are beautiful people.

Believe that.

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