Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Thank You

This is a little post, just so you don't think I've slipped off the radar totally. It's also a little thank you.

If you've been reading my posts recently, you will know I am trying to achieve a homemade Xmas. The thing is, it's not just a whim, it's partly financial too. I'm not rolling in money, and would rather spend what I do have, on my boys.

Also, it's memories. I want my boys to look back at these years with fondness.

I wanted to say thank you for the response, across all social networks and real life friends, that the idea has had. The support I've been shown for my little initiative, has been incredible. The ideas that I'm being sent, amazing.

Above ALL that, the contributions! One of the mothers up the school made me a gorgeous little bauble, for my Xmas tree, that has my 'Ojos World' logo inside! 

Then today I was given a pile of crafting things, that were going to be thrown. There are some amazing items in there, including something I can make a wreath out of. (Expect another tutorial, if it goes right!).

So thank you for your thoughtfulness, hopefully it will be appreciated for generations to come. 

I shall leave you with a small collage of my successes, so far:

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