Monday, October 20, 2014

What Ifs?

Early hours of Sunday morning, I had a 'blonde' moment. I had been told in the past that if you have a lottery win, and you play it on line, the larger the win the earlier they tell you.

So, unable to sleep properly and playing games on my phone during my awake times, I decided to check my emails. 

An email informed me that it had news about my ticket, the email had been sent just after 1am, it was now after 2am. 

Excited didn't even come close!! Unfortunately, the lottery site was down for 'routine maintenance' between 2 and 5!?

By now, I had woken the mister up too, just to tell him! To say we struggled to sleep, would be a major understatement!!

Eventually we did sleep. Both of us, probably, dreaming about new cars, new houses and holidays.

I woke again at 7:30 am and, obviously, went straight on my tablet to check the lottery site to find, I had won............


Disappointment was served fresh with the cheap coffee that morning.

But it did give me sweet dreams of *what ifs?*.

A new car, all of my own.
A bigger house, where we could all actually fit.
A motor home? (A dream me and Mr. Ojo have)

So many things I could of spent the winnings on! 

What would you splurge on?
Would you be good and put some away? 

We've never had much, so £25 was quite a bonus.

Just not worth losing a nights sleep over!!


  1. This happens to me too! I often get carried away when I see the email!

  2. Aww I can only imagine the disappointment. I stopped doing the lottery here when almost all my numbers came up on the one day I forgot to do it! So I decided I was destined never to win anything :)


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