Monday, October 27, 2014

Spooky Times

Halloween tends to, hugely, split opinions.

You have the fore, saying that it is just a bit of fun. Just children playing dress up.

Then you have the against. Complaining about what it stands for, saying that 'trick or treat' is just begging.

I fall into the Fore category, I absolutely love it. I understand where and why the tradition began, but it's not what it has become. 

It is just a bit of fun! My children go trick or treating, but only to houses that are obviously welcoming. We live in a street with a lot of elderly residents, I don't pester them.

I have a box of decorations that the children love getting involved in putting up. I love making them up as zombies and making spooky snacks.

I also love dressing up, which is why I was delighted when I was approached to try out the George from Asda range of costumes! 

I allowed the family to pick their own, so here are our combinations:

Mr. Ojo has gone for the spooky groom
A wanted the ghost mask, but loved
the he's a ghost vampire!
RJ went for the Skeletal Tee. This is just him wearing it first thing in the morning, no editing required!
I've gone for a gorgeous dress, the pictures are to follow on my instagram account (also ojosworld), this weekend. I've honestly had no one around to take a picture of me in it! 

Also, if you noticed the obvious omission of the teen, he will probably be involved. Getting a photo of him lately is like pulling teeth from a Vampire! He will probably get zombified, by me.

I love George Halloween products, I've bought from them for years. I did receive the costumes to review, but will be going back down to stock up on more decorations. I love buying flowers, then not giving them water. Within a few days they are dying, buy some cobwebs and drape them on top! It's a great effect that you can do so cheaply.

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween, doing whatever makes you happy. But most importantly:

We will be having a quiet party (because of little A) and frightening the life out of the trick or treaters!

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