Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

I know that so many of you will be happy about it being half term. Time with the kids, autumn days out..... blah blah blah....

Not really my favourite time, I'm afraid. 

I have one son who doesn't like leaving the house, unless it's for a car ride (the car is with the mister in work). 

Another child that likes to be kicking a ball around the yard, or left alone in his room, or the meltdowns are something to's barely stopped raining, so he's is staying in his room (big fat parenting fail).

Finally the biggest boy likes to sleep until mid afternoon, waking him is like poking a bear.

So Reasons to be cheerful is much needed this week! Remind me of why I'm still going........
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Ojos World

1. Lie ins. Even though little A is up just as early as normal, there is no rushing around. So I put on CBeebies, cwtch back under the quilt and read (or play games) for half a day an hour, before getting up.

 2. The Cardiff Blogger Meet up. It really was a joy! I got to spend the day with lovely people, in the Pettigrew Tea Rooms, Cardiff. 
How Quaint is this!
This is all made fresh, that very day.
Everything was delicious, especially the
parma violet marsh mallow, mmmmm.
I was very good, sticking to black coffee!
If all that wasn't amazing enough, we even came home with a goody bag:
Some lovely goodies, the teen
nicked my headphones!
I really felt like I'd had a day off. It was fab to meet up with Kate, from Willow Makes 3 again, I think future coffees may be in our future!

3. It's Halloween this Friday! I do love it, so much so, I've even spooked up my signature. I love decorating the house mostly. I think I just enjoy an excuse for the dust haha.....(so not joking).

So, what's making you smile this week? Do share, you can find me on most social networks as Ojosworld, I have no imagination.


  1. Huge hugs and sympathy from the other side of the Irish Sea. But very glad you described your mid tern too: it's a reminder that it's not just my kid who's like that. Though I'm lucky that I can leave him with his grown up sister for a few hours if necessary xx

    1. I can leave them, briefly, with my eldest.........when he's awake! Lol x

  2. I enjoyed the tea on Sunday, especially all of those cakes x

    1. It was lovely! Really well organised too x

  3. Lovely reasons your blogger event looks lovely and so me I'm a bit envious haha! I've been snuggling too whilst the kids play or eat cereal I'm not very much of a morning person!xx

    1. You might of enjoyed this one Hannah, there was only 25 of us xx

  4. Those foods look yummy!!
    I haven't really trained myself to drink black coffee. I've tried, but I'm still on the cream, or.thcole.
    Maybe one day I'll drink it black, again.
    Have a great week!

    1. I love my black coffee, but can only drink tea with milk........little oddity there! Thank you x

  5. thanks for taking such good care of the hop! Missed last week as away but prepping for tomorrow now..


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