Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I'm organised!! 

Yes, this is me, all here and on time for Reasons to be Cheerful.........*phew*.

So let's crack on, and don't forget, blogger or not, share your happy thoughts with us! I do love to hear what's making you smile. 
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Ojos World

1. I wrote a post yesterday about a very positive meeting with little A's teacher, and SENCO (here's the link). It's left me feeling much happier and relaxed!

2. I'm loving being back on my sewing lessons. Catching up with old friends and making new ones. It's definitely making me happy.

3. Television. I'm so sorry, I am going to stand up and say it: I am a T.V. addict. I absolutely love American crime dramas, like Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds, which are both coming back this week! My jobs will be done super quick, in the coming weeks. So that I can make sure I have time to watch, while the boys are in school!

So come on, show me those smiles, and give me your reasons!


  1. All in good working order!!
    I do love a good tv series to get stuck into & I'm glad you had a productive meeting.

    1. We both had positive news re: education this week, didn't we? x

  2. Awesome reasons. Wish I could join this week but am not really feeling the cheerful thing at the moment. Maybe next week. xx

    1. Oh no, I do hope you feel better, and more cheerful soon xx

  3. Great stuff on the meeting, always good when one goes well :)
    There is some really good stuff on TV atm - Grantchester and Forever.
    Have a fab weekend x

  4. great news on the SENCO front. Sewing lessons sound fab. Enjoy your fave shows!

  5. I'm loving Forever too, a great show! And yes, it's amazing when a SENCO meeting goes well xx

  6. Great reasons, including being organised :) x


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