Saturday, October 11, 2014

Photography Workshop

I have been so busy lately, mostly running around like a headless chicken not doing what I planned, that I haven't got around to telling you about an awesome thing I did on 1st October.

I was invited by JoeBlogs and Transun to a photography workshop, in Cardiff. Transun offer Experience holidays, including trips to the Northern Lights, here's what they had to say about the night: Transun Photography.

Simon was the lovely gentleman who took the workshop, he was so full of valuable information. Unfortunately, my camera is a bridge camera (not as basic as snap and go, but not as advanced as a DSLR), this meant that some of the things he was teaching us about, couldn't be done on my camera.

He did, however, give us a fact sheet. So, when if I get a better camera, I will have some idea of what I'm doing. For now, I did get some great tips on what ISO meant, which I can change on my camera, I even managed to get some motion shots! 

Here are some of the pictures I took on the night:
Yes, I was taking pictures of my bag. At one point
I was taking photos of butter!
I was super proud of this! DSLR cameras could capture
even more light movement.
I'm particularly proud of this one. I captured the movement of light, but you can't actually see the person holding the light!

Another one I'm proud of. I caught the details of my fingers, with all
the background out of focus.
Finally, this one from the night. Because I didn't know
my camera could do this!!
I have loved playing with light on my camera, since that night. I've especially enjoyed working out what my little camera is capable of. 

Here are some of the pictures I've taken since fiddling learning what my camera is capable of:
This is totally unedited, I was so pleased with the detail.
I am yet to capture a good moon shot, but I loved this one, so atmospheric.
Finally, a picture that is my favourite out of all I have ever captured.
I love the lights. If you look closely, you can see it is just a petrol station!

The night taught me so much! Above all, it taught me not to fear my camera, it's not going to fall apart in my hands, just because I've changed a setting.............Honest!


  1. Awesome! I really wanted to go to this as I have an SLR and no idea what to do with it! (But I was on hols) looks like it was really good, love your photos!

    1. It was a great night, so sorry you missed it! Thank you :-) x

  2. I was invited to this too, your photos look ace!

    1. Was it to far too travel? I would've loved to have met you xx

  3. Looks like fun, good for you, just go for it, that is certainly what I do with my camera and am suprised at some of the lovley pics I get. Mich x

    1. You take gorgeous photos Mich. I think I may be taking more :-) x

  4. That's probably what I need a class to show me what my camera can do. I was chuffed to get a really good camera in the Jan sales this year as I had been after one for many years but just couldn't afford it!! However, I seem to always leave it on auto, which was not the point when I bought it!! Love your night pics :)

  5. Aren't you great for going in the first place and for your obvious talent?


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