Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Own Style.

This week Kate has decided that us striking mums should talk about style.

I have to be honest, this pleases me. When it comes to style, I very much follow my mother. Although we have different tastes in clothing and style, my mother taught me to walk to the beat of my own drum, when it came to what I wear.

She taught me, as a young *ahem* lady, to dress in a way that accentuates your good features. Now, I'm sorry if this offends, but I've always had a good bosom, so I try to dress it well.

Here are my responses to the questions Kate set, this week:

1. Would you describe yourself as stylish? Has your answer to that question changed since becoming a mum?

I have a 'style', I like it. Would I call myself stylish, probably not. Since becoming a mum I've given less thought to what I wear. However, as the children are growing, that time is coming back and I find myself putting an effort in. Not as much as I used to. I mean, what's the point in dressing nice for the school run, when I know I'm coming home to clean up?

One way I differ from most is that I only own one pair of jeans, and they were pinched off my hubby! I just don't look right in jeans (except the pair I purloined), so I gave up looking.

2. Describe a stylish outfit that you wear/wore and loved?
I went out for a drink recently, with friends, and wore a dress, with leggings, that is one of my faves. I am honestly going to weep when this dress gives up on me:
This is pretty normal 'going out' gear for me.

3. How important is it to have an individual sense of style, as a mum?

I think it's always important to be individual. I'm not sure it's important to have a sense of style, as a mum. Unless that makes you feel good, then it's definitely important!

4. Are you embarrassed by how you look, when you are out and about?

I used to be. I never wore clothes that fitted nicely. I spent all my money on my children, and sort of forgot I existed. 
Over the last 12 months, that has changed. I still don't spend a lot of money on myself, but I choose well. Also, learning to sew has helped me create my own clothing.

5. Do you judge people by the clothes they are wearing? Do you feel judged?

No, I never judge a person by what they wear. Style is individual, yes, but what they are saying with their style isn't up to me, it's up to them. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, regardless of the packaging! 
I don't feel judged or, if I have been, I haven't taken any notice!

6. Does having a sense of style, all of your own, help with self confidence?

I think it does. Or does a sense of style come with more self confidence? Either way, putting more effort into myself and getting my self confidence came around the same time!

7. A challenge – put together an Autumn outfit and post a picture of you in it on your blog. If that is too much, you could just photograph the items in the outfit. You can use things you already have or throw caution to the wind and go on a shopping spree.

Here is my picture:

This is my favourite sort of outfit, at the moment. 
I've fallen in love with stretchy, pencil style, skirts and the knee high boots have come out for Autumn.

As for the cape..........I made it myself! I knew I would want something to drape, that wasn't to warm. I get incredibly hot all the time. I made this, fully lined and with a hood cape, freehand. The material was £3 a metre from Ikea (I have it in another colour too), so a real bargain as I have some left over to play with.

So over to you, could you answer these questions honestly? Click on the badge below to go to Kate's site and see her thinking behind 'Striking Mums'. 

You don't have to be a blogger, just a mum that's look to find herself again, or even help others do the same.

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  1. As always, you look fabulous, and I love the word "bosoms"!

    1. I was trying to think of an appropriate word to use, I think I fell into 1970's 'Carry On' mode haha x

  2. Your going out outfit is awesome! And how amazing to be able to make your own clothes including that cape - I'm in awe of anyone who can sew. #strikingmums xxx

    1. It is a fairly recent talent, I'll be honest, but one I'm very glad I have x

  3. I love your dress, and its great that you embrace your own unique style. Yes I agree also that you definitely spend less on yourself when you are Mum x

  4. You are one sexy lady and I think you just get to look better and better perhaps linked to how you are changing as a person too. Your boobs have never offended me! Once remember accentuating mine just after having a baby as the only good bits I had left and went to a works Christmas do where they "drew attention" I love your cape and there is just an air about you - you are changing and although you were fab before, I think your best is yet to come

  5. Thank you Kate, you always know the right thing to say. Work those bosoms lady! Xx


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