Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Coming!!

It doesn't matter how much we try not to talk about it. 

It doesn't matter that Halloween and bonfire night is yet to come.........

Christmas is coming!!

No, I'm not the type to put my trimmings up as the bonfire is still burning. I do, however, like to be ready.

All of my boys have birthdays in the month after Christmas (No, I didn't plan well), it costs a fortune. It's not like I'm the type to buy lots of presents, either. Having 2 children in the house on the autistic spectrum means I have to be careful. They can be easily overwhelmed, a lesson I have learnt the hard way.

Still, I like to get them what they specifically want. It's my one chance a year to spend my money on them, without being told off for forgetting myself!

I do like to find good deals too, well who doesn't?

I have a film addict and a gamer here, both of them have Xbox's, but the eldests' has stopped playing discs. It's driving him crazy that he can't watch his favourite DVDs or play his favourite games.

I could buy him a DVD player, but that wouldn't solve the gaming problem. So I've started looking at prices, and was slightly disappointed! I thought the price of an Xbox 360 would go down, now the new type is out. Mostly, I found, they were the same price. 

Until I found these great Xbox deals online at Tesco. I'm over the moon that it's within my price range.

I also think it's a good deal for parents that are dipping their toes into the gaming world, it's a bit of a minefield and you don't want to spend a fortune on your child's first one.

I'm even considering one for myself. With so many film providers linking up to game consoles, it's cheaper to get one of these as a way of streaming films.

Definitely worth a look, because............

Christmas is coming!

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  1. Ohh they are great prices....
    My girls are still quite happy playing on the Wii or the PC and haven't got into xBoxes or Playstations yet....Phew x


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