Saturday, October 25, 2014


Go on, admit it, you're reading this because of the title aren't you?

Who wouldn't, it's chocolate! There's many of us that see that word, then fancy a bar. Yes, thanks to my diabetes, I am very limited in what I can eat. That doesn't stop me from buying it for my family........then having one little bite!

But, when you fancy a bar of chocolate, what do you choose? 
How do you pick, from the many creations out there? 
What if you could choose your own?
By that I mean, pick your own random topping, to suit your individual taste?

You can!
I was recently asked to review Chocolat Chocolat. They are a Cambridge based company that hand make bars of chocolate, that you create! My 3 biggest boys (yes, I mean Mr. Ojo) were in heaven. 

They all have very different tastes. So this is what they picked:

Mr.Ojo: A milk chocolate bar topped with freeze dried raspberries, amaretti biscuit crumb and crystallized mint(!?)

The Teen: White chocolate bar with chocolate fudge brownie pieces, mint chocolate crisp and milk chocolate buttons.

The Tween: White chocolate bar topped with Milk chocolate buttons and marshmallow minis. He wanted writing on his, but I got a little confused here. I thought I had done it, but I did him a label. (This is more likely to be me, than the website!)

I had a little nibble (it really was just little, honest!) of each. They were beyond gorgeous! I'm not normally a lover of white chocolate, I just find it took sickly sweet, but this wasn't like that. It was really creamy, yet still tasted like white chocolate. Granted, I barely got a sniff of the tweens and the misters was tasty, but the teens combination was definitely my favourite! 

I wanted to share this pic of my tween eating a bar, to give you an idea of size. This is not a small bar of chocolate!

I shall be ordering one for my grandmother's birthday, at 93 I'm limited on what I can buy her these days! I will also conquer the writing on the bar, so I can wish her a happy birthday!

Oh! And as if that wasn't enough..........They do chocolate making and tasting sessions!!!

So, shall I race you there??


  1. Ohh yum!! All of that sounds absolutely delicious!
    I'm blaming you....I fancy chocolate now.... lol x

  2. Looks amazing & I'm jealous ;)


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