Monday, October 06, 2014

Best Laid Plans..........

Plan ahead, that's what you're supposed to do, right?


Even as I'm typing this, I've just had to cancel a day at BlogCamp, run by +Tots100. To say I'm devastated, would be a major understatement! 

Unfortunately the side effects of the new injections I'm on are making me a little wary of going anywhere alone, until they fade (which I'm told they will).

The injections are to make my metformin and Gliclazide work better, for my diabetes. Unfortunately, which is totally unlike me, I am getting just about every side effect! 

I'm getting the nausea, the tiredness, the *ahem* flatulence! Who wants to be on a 2 hour train journey with that?!

But, genuinely, I am scared. This morning was the final straw for me. I took my injection, I ate some porridge, then I crashed for 2 solid hours........out like a light on the sofa. Luckily my hubby is here this week, but next week I will have to eat my breakfast after the children have gone to school, then eat my dinner when hubby is home.

It's making me feel totally useless. The washing is piling up, the cleaning needs to be done, I need to get some exercise!

It seems to be a running trend though. The last week, all plans went awry: I spent one day in the emergency dentist with the tween. I spent a whole morning at the doctors, in what should have been a 5 minute appointment! 

Even this week coming......: My lovely husband has squirrelled away money, and bought me a brand new bike! He knows I really want to learn, so he's put it together, so we can go out while he is off work for the week.

Guess what?

It's only bloody raining!!

But tough, rain or shine, I'm going to attempt to get out there this week. So if you see a fully grown women, screaming like a child, full of glee, on a shiny new bike.........

That'll be me.

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  1. I shall here your screams from here and I will be listening out for them x

    You go steady though while you get used to your meds etc. I was sad I missed the Tots Blog camp tickets as I saw you were going, now I don't feel so bad!

    Will agree with you totally planning for anything seems to be an invitation for something to mess up, not the best view point but more than often true! x x x

    Enjoy that bike ride x


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