Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Interesting Read

I want to do a quick post to share a book recommendation with you. 

I have mentioned in the past that I am a big fan of fiction that is crime based, good thrillers. I am a huge James Patterson fan, as well as Karin Slaughter and several others.

You will probably notice a lot of the Private books, this year, on my 50 books in 2014 challenge. In fact, nearly, all the books on that list are crime thrillers!

It's not those I want to talk to you about though. It's the most recent additions to the list I want to tell you about!

I'm currently reading the Girl in the Box series, by Robert J Crane (The link, in the book title, is to the kindle version)........and WOW.

These are a total break from what I normally read. I would say, if you are a fan of Greek/Roman mythology. Or a fan of superhero movies, then you would love this! 

It follows the story of Sienna, a meta human, from the discovery of her meta powers onwards. I really can't say much more, without giving some juicy details about the book. I really do hate spoilers!

It is written in present day, with hints of the past thrown in to explain who people are, and what they do.

I am totally hooked on these books, I'm trying to get the teen to read them, as I know he would love them. 

So if you feel like reading something totally different, well written and interesting, give it a go!

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