Friday, September 05, 2014

Still a Long Way to Go

I've had a couple of conversations the last few days, that have really got to me. They have upset me no end and proved to me that there is still such a long way to go, when it comes to autism awareness.

There is still the 'stereotyping' children with autism. 
For example:

He can't be autistic, he makes eye contact.
Oh he's just naughty.

Those are 2 of the biggest presumptions about autism, 2 things I've actually heard in the last few days.

I am shocked to still hear these things being said, and by 'professionals' too!? How much more do we need to shout? How much more can we educate, when people don't want to learn?

It's breaking my heart that this is still going on, in the education system. At the moment, I actually don't know where my son is going to be educated next year. The school and I agree that he is not ready for mainstream primary..........but what?

My son will make eye contact, not all the time, but sometimes.
He hates being naughty, and doesn't like other naughty children.
He speaks quite fluently, now, and is a very bright his own way. You tell me, why should he change? Why can't we understand, as a system, that he just needs to be educated differently?

I know the problem, and it's a nationwide problem.


Plain and simple. The school has to apply for funding to be able to educate my child, without that funding, they can't afford it. So what's the answer? Put my son in a special school? Not possible. 
There isn't enough money. 
There is one special school in our area and that's needed for more seriously disabled children.

My son has a 1-2-1 in school..........for 7.5 hours a week?! How can he be educated, in a way that suits him, without effecting the other children in his class?

There are more questions than answers in this post, because I don't have the answers! I wish I did. 

This week, this story made the headlines in our area:

Another child, bullied.
Another autistic child.

I will never get tired of fighting, I will continue to offer my advice, and my name, if it will help.

If you do one thing today, read an article about autism, try to understand.


  1. I thought you were describing my son, Charlie at the start, we've not had a diagnosis yet, but all the professionals are suggesting somewhere on the spectrum, it's so vast & there are are so many stereotypes, his eye contact is all over the place. I agree that there needs to be more understanding especially in education.

    1. I think I'm so used to his behaviours and quirks, that I forget others still have little understanding about autism. It's like saying all 6 year olds are the same.........they're not! I get so frustrated x


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