Friday, September 12, 2014


She stood at the edge of the pier, an old pier dulled by time........a bit like her: The colours faded and washed out, some repair work needed, but still functional.

Her hands on the white, but slightly rusted, railing, watching the sea froth below her. The tide was coming in, making a shhhh sound on the pebbles.

She stood there, tranfixed and thinking.

'Would anyone miss me, if I jumped?'

Shhhhh said the sea.

'I could sink to the bottom, no on would notice.'

Shhhhhh the sea repeated.

'I am so alone right now'

Shhhh joined in the pebbles.

That's when the tears started. Silently and relentlessly, tickling her cheeks as they fell.


Came from beside her, along with big strong arms that enveloped her.

Reminding her that at least one person truly cared.


  1. This is beautiful and I want to see more fiction from you but I am also looking for your reasons to be cheerful

  2. Oh this is lovely! Sad but with a touching, optimistic ending. I love the use of the word shhhhh - I could hear it as I was reading. Fab #prose4t

  3. Oh wow. Little bit of heart jumping going on here reading this. The ending is awesome. x

  4. Oh Jo, this is so very beautiful. Sad but happy at the end - I hope I will see more like this :) Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x


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