Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

I haven't written one of these for several weeks, but it's my turn to take over next week, so I should get my head straight!

This week I have one big reason to be cheerful:


This past couple of weeks has really made me re-evaluate what friendship means to me.

I pretty much shut myself away all the time. I don't go for coffee with friends,  if I do go out it's normally alone, with my headphones in. 

Does that mean I have no friends?

Actually, no.

Because it was online friends that supported me through the last few weeks. 

It was a friend at the school gates, that could see I was tearful one day. She didn't stop me, but acknowledged me. She knew I couldn't cope with explaining, but just wanted me to know she was there.

Then it was an old school friend that messaged me, for no other reason than to say hi! When I backed out of a night out and she realised I was suffering.

She was the reason that I did end up going out Saturday night, and laughed all evening with more friends.

I wrote a while ago, that I didn't know what friendship was........

Now I Do.

That truly is a reason to be Cheerful
Reasons to be Cheerful
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  1. A great reason to be cheerful!

    1. Thank you, you've really helped the last couple of weeks xx

  2. its great to know that people really do care for us!

  3. So glad that you have good friends and that you found that out just when you needed to xx


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