Saturday, September 27, 2014

Am I different?

I dropped out of social media a bit, when I had some 'issues'. This included not linking up with some of my favourite prompts. 

Including Reasons to be Cheerful (which I did this week) and Striking Mums:
Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums

I hate that I did that, but I must not dwell on that, I must look at positives!  If you don't blog, please don't think you can't join in, Kate has done this for all Striking Mums and has a facebook page, so you can.

So here I am, answering the lovely Kate's questions this week.

1. Are you different, and if so, how?

Yes, I am. I am talkative, my husband reckons I can get a persons life story within 2 minutes of meeting them! Yet I shut myself away, with no one to talk to?!

I find it incredibly difficult to make new 'real' friends. People with the same interests as me. I don't because I don't believe people genuinely like me, I think they are just being polite.

2. Do you celebrate your uniqueness or strive to fit in?

I try to fit in, but encourage others to be individual. Really not sure why this is, but it's a question that has made me think!

3. Are you ever judgemental of other mothers, who are different from you?

Oh goodness, Kate!!!
Yes, I am.
But only the ones that claim to be perfect, when you know that no one is..........or are they?
I never do it out loud though, I would never talk about another mothers capabilities. How we parent our children is our own business, as long as a child isn't being harmed.

4. What would you like to be different about you?

Physically: I want to be slimmer, healthier etc etc
Other ways: where do I start??? I want to be more confident in my abilities. I want to see myself as others say I am. I want to change so much. 
But then, I have a great marriage, to a man that loves me as I am. So maybe I want to stay the same.

5. Have you ever been attacked or bullied for being different? How did that affect you?

I had the usual name calling, growing up, because of my size. It was never bullying though, it was never too bad, and it stopped as I grew up. 
I was bullied as an adult, in a job I did. That was jealousy though.
It all affected me, I still see the fat person in the mirror, never a beautiful woman. The reason I take selfies is because I hate pictures that others take of me.

6. If you had to write an advert for yourself as limited edition, what would you say to make people think you're great?

I cook a mean roast dinner and I love cuddles! 

So that's me. Wow, that was tough this week.
Am I a striking mum? I don't know, but I love this link, because so many join in that are not perfect, just trying our best.


  1. Great answers & I like the wording of your advert!

  2. Lovely honest post Jo I think you're fab :) I too prefer selfies haha seems like Kate's questions have given you some things to think about xx

  3. Such an open and honest post. Empathise on a lot of things inevitably. You can keep that great marriage of yours and change in other ways. That is what I wish for you and I know how powerful peer support can be so here's to you feeling more comfy in your own skin. I genuinely think you have a very strong beauty that is all your own and I love your selfies. They always cheer me up/make me smile. We will get there my dear and if we don't we can have a lot of fun along the way

  4. I always think people are being polite rather than friendly too! You come across as a lovely lady with a wonderful hubby

  5. You are beautiful, inside and out, and you have a unique image that's pretty unforgettable x

  6. I am talkative too I know exactly where you are coming from there, shame people have made you feel like you should shut yourself away you sound a really interesting person x

  7. I love your parting words, they are so true, you sound a lovely lady to me x


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