Saturday, August 16, 2014

What I Made

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed pictures, in the past, of my sewing.

I love to sew! I love to play with fabrics, mixing them up, putting things together that clash and match.

I do, however like to make things that are practical. 
Like bags
Bags in all shapes and sizes! I always make them fully lined with some sort button clasp, either a hand made loop, or a button hole, on my machine.

I've been seriously considering starting to sell them. I'm just not sure how much to charge! 

I thought I would share some pictures of my most recent makes:

These 2 are my favourite type to make. I like long handles, so they can be put over my shoulder. 

The denim one is larger, more like the shape of a 'bucket' shopping bag, lined with the same material as the handles. 

I have also been making phone/tablet cases. This is the one for my phone:

It's all fully lined, with some padding for extra protection.

Something else I'm in the middle of is a top:

It's a little tight around the chest at the moment, so I'm going to add a zip at the front. Then I'm thinking I may embellish it a bit too!

My next project, which I decided just now, is a small draw string bag, made of this bit of scrap material I found in my fabric box:

Isn't it gorgeous! Looking forward to the outcome.

So what do you think? 
Should I think about selling them?
(I always doubt myself, are they really good enough!)

Finally, if I do sell much?!

All opinions fully appreciated 


  1. Well done you! I do like that denim bag!
    I would try to sell them.....No idea what price for though.

  2. Loving those bags - and I'm with you on the long handles, I much prefer them too. It would be fab to make some for food shopping too, I am fed up of the big ugly Bags for Life that I use every week.
    You could try selling some somewhere like Folksy, a friend sells aprons on there and seems to do ok, though someone like @keynko might be able to recommend somewhere better x


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