Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

This weeks Reasons to be Cheerful is definitely not going to be related to the's freezing!?

Anyway, here are this weeks happy thoughts:

1. I went out Monday night! I actually left the house, with my friend, her sisters and a couple of her friends, to watch a medium. Whether you believe in it or not, I enjoy seeing them and had a wonderful night. 
I even got to put on a little lippy:

2. A very happy husband, got one of his 50th birthday presents! He has been waiting for the release date of the new Arsenal shirt, he finally has it:

3. After a crappy weekend, where I managed to get my boys to the park..........then fell over sending my littlest one flying and grazing his back, I got them out again. 
We went to the brand new cinema in Blackwood (my local town). A company has opened a brand new, 5 screen cinema, right in town! We took the 2 youngest to see The Nut Job. I would highly recommend it to parents with younger children, it is very, very funny. It is in no way high brow, lots of fart jokes, my youngest laughed the loudest in the cinema!
To top it off, it's only £2.50 per person on weekdays..........bargain day out:

So what are your reasons to be happy this week? If you're a blogger, then you can grab the badge. 
If you're not a blogger, just tell me, on social networks, what makes you happy!

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  1. £2.50 is a bargain, I wish it was that cheap here for us!! Thanks for hosting #R2BC

  2. Lovely reasons to be cheerful. LOVE that shirt! :-)

  3. Lovely reasons, your OH looks very proud of his shirt, mine is the same but CFC fan. Have considered The Nut Job, fart jokes are right up our street! X

  4. What great reasons.! Makes such a difference having a local cinema, especially if there is something on you want to watch!

  5. Your hair is fab, and always good to have reasons to put on a bit of make up!

  6. As I have said before, you look gorgeous. Your OH is clearly thrilled with his shirt. Your boys look beautiful. Glad you managed some time out this week.


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