Monday, August 11, 2014

Meal Plan 11/08

My meal plan goes from a Saturday now, as my teen and hubby do the shopping for it. They go late at night, when it's really quiet.

It's been saving us a fortune doing it this way. This weeks plan came to, around, £85. When you consider the other bits needed to keep a family of 5 fed, that's really good!

So here's what's on this weeks plan:

Homemade Burgers/Chicken burgers, in buns
Brinner (a full cooked breakfast, for dinner. Idea pinched off Mama Owl)
Steak and Chips
Cheese and Potato Pie with beans
Pasta Carbonara
Chicken Kiev, baked potato and salad
Roast Dinner.

I'm really enjoying getting back to planning. If you want to see more plans, just pop over to At Home With Mrs.M to see the link up.


  1. Well done on the shopping! I wish I could spend that amount....hehehe
    Mmmm Brinner! Yum!

  2. All sounds delicious! We had brinner too :) #MealPlanningMonday


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